Barkim Joint Filler

Barkim Joint Filler


It is a cement-based, polymer-added ready-to-use joint filling mortar.



Contains special cements, synthetic additives, mineral fillers, water repellent agents

Application floor temperature +5 ºC +25 ºC

Service temperature -20 ºC +80 ºC

Working time 2 hours

Resting time 5 minutes

Compressive strength ≥ 15 N/mm²

Flexural strength ≥ 3.5 N/mm²

Water absorption 30 minutes ≤5 g/240 minutes ≤10 g

Abrasion resistance ≤ 2000 mm³

Application thickness 3 mm – 6 mm

Resistant to water and frost

Not affected by temperature differences

Long processing time

Does not sag n
Does not contain asbestos

Adheres easily to the surface. APPLICATION

Before starting the application process, the joint gaps of the surface and floor slabs must be cleared of factors that prevent adhesion, such as dust, oil, paraffin.

20 kg Barkim Derz The filling should be slowly poured into 6.5 -7 liters of clean water and mixed with a low-speed mixer until no lumps and air bubbles remain. Mortar 5 minutes After it is rested, it is mixed for another 30 seconds and the application process is started. The joint gaps should be between 3mm and 6mm.

STORAGE in 20 kg kraft bags
It is about 6 months in its original package in a dry and cool environment with a maximum of 8 layers stacking.

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