Barkim Flex Joint Filler

Barkim Flex Joint Filler

Barkim Flex Joint Filler
It is a cement-based, polymer-added joint filling mortar with increased flexibility and adhesion strength, and increased water resistance.

Resistant to water and frost.

It is not affected by temperature differences.

The processing time is long.

Does not sag.

Does not contain asbestos.

Sticks easily to the surface.

Contains special cements, synthetic additives, mineral fillers, water-repellent agents.


Usage areas 2 -6 mm resistant to movements such as shortening and vibration that may occur due to temperature differences for the joints of tiles, ceramics, tiles, marble, granite and glass mosaics indoors and outdoors, on commercial and industrial floors in swimming pools, on surfaces exposed to moving pedestrian traffic, on horizontal and vertical floors It is a ready-made mortar used to fill joint gaps.
In 20 kg kraft bags
It is about 6 months in its original packaging in a dry and cool environment with a maximum of 8 layers of stacking.
Security Precautions
Direct contact with the skin should be avoided. The amount of material to be consumed should be prepared. Adding water to the material that has reached the point of exceeding the working time will damage the material. It should be protected from precipitation, frost and extreme heat for 24 hours in applications to be made outdoors.

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